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Well, here i am writing my first blog. Exciting! Well, for me anyway! I’ve decided to get into some engineering projects with my kids over the next couple of days. What has motivated me to do so? Well, basically, It worries me that, left to their own devices (pardon the pun), my kids gravitate to electronic ‘toys’ so readily! I wonder if i’m just being old fashioned at times? Should i just go along with it i.e. let my kids just find their groove and not be so worried about the consequences of countless hours instagraming etc? Anyway, without getting too philisophical, i decided to google a few phrases linked to activities for 10+ kiddies into google…and hey presto, found this website;

I’ll give a few of the activities a go over the next couple of days, and see how it goes.

Till next time,



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